About the world!

None of this is 100% necessary to know before reading, but I thought it'd be fun to add here. :)

Here's the world map. The "sol zone", "twilight strip", and "lunar zone" indicate the level of sunlight each region gets a day. The majority of Fern Helion is in the Sol Strip, and averages between 2-4 hours of darkness and 18-22 hours of sunlight, depending on the season. Lacus Mare is the opposite. The twilight strip is exactly what it sounds like, having a hazy lighting in between of the two at all times.

Here's the calendar!

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There are four months: Basal, Foreflux, Marrow, and Hindflux.

Basal and Marrow last 125 days each, Hindflux and Foreflux are 25 days each.

Basal is the first month, and Summer for Fern Helion and Winter for Lacus Mare.

Foreflux is Autumn for Fern Helion and Spring for Lacus Mare.

Marrow is Winter for Fern Helion and Summer for Lacus Mare.

Hindflux is Spring for Fern Helion and Autumn for Lacus Mare.

The days are 22 hours long, the year lasts 300 days.

There are 10 days in a week: Solday, Comday, Pheday, Insday, Headay, Proday, Vioday, Harvday, Uniday, and Lunday. They're named after the eight Gods for the most part, two days being exceptions. (These Gods are discussed more in the story!)

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